Meet our Partners

  • Malvika Poddar

    Director | Overseas Investment
    With over 13 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis,...
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  • Tarun Kumar

    Managing Director & India Head
    Masters from Stanford University, this Delhi University Graduate, Tarun Poddar serves Foxhog Ventures...
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  • Steven Borezzson

    Head, Account & Audit
    With over 20 years of experience in Accounting and auditing , business planning, financial analysis,...
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  • Anamika Desaie

    Chief Legal Officer
    An organized, detail-oriented, and conscientious self-starter, able to strategize and prioritize effectively...
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  • Shakuntala Poddar

    Director | External Affairs
    As we help other companies grow, she helps us grow. She handles all the External work at Foxhog and ensures...
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  • Sabyasachi Roy Chowdhary

    Director, MicroFinance
    Professional having a vintage of more than 25 years in Banking and Investment had long association with...
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  • Dinesh Kumar

    Assistant Vice President | Gujarat
    Dinesh is a highly successful Investment banking professional with 15 years of experience as financial...
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