Our Stand for Agriculture

Our Stand for Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian Economy. Keeping in view the specific requirements of customers, Foxhog has introduced a range of products.

Range of Products offered for Farmers by Foxhog and Under Govt. Schemes.


  • The Scheme will adopt a One District One Product (ODOP) concept.
  • Credit linked grant at 35% of the project cost with maximum grant up to Rs 10.0 lakh to existing un organized food processing units for up gradation
  • Credit linked grant at 35% of the project cost to SHGs/FPOs/cooperatives for capital expenditure with maximum limit as prescribed
  • Credit linked grant at 35% of the project cost for common infrastructure with maximum limit as prescribed.


  • Individual / Partnership Firm with ownership right of the enterprise, Partnership ‘Firm, Farmer Producer Organization (FPO),Private Companies, Self Help Groups [SHGs],Producer Cooperatives, Cooperative Society
  • Minimum ROI @8.45% (presently).
*** For detailed guidelines of the scheme visit mofpi.nic.in or kindly visit nearest branch of Foxhog. 


The scheme is specially designed to provide hassle free financial assistance for conveyance needs of farmer for farm activities.
The scheme is for all two-wheelers, medium and light vehicles like mini-trucks, pick up van.

Eligibility Criteria for Borrower

An Individual or group of farmers engaged in farming or allied activities:

  1. Existing KCC holder with 2 years of satisfactory operation with Foxhog.
  2. Minimum land holding criteria:
    • For Two-Wheeler – Land Holding one hectare or more
    • For purchase of light & medium vehicles like, Pick up Vans, Mini Trucks – Land Holding four hectare or more

Priority Sector-Farm Credit

Quantum of Loan

The total project cost of an individual vehicle is cost of vehicle plus insurance & registration cost.
75% of the project cost is the maximum limit for Foxhog Finance.


Can be monthly or half-yearly

Special Feature

Collateral free up to Rs.1 lac

Eligible Borrowers

Farmers, Group of farmers, SHGs, JLGs, Companies including farmers’ producer companies of individual farmer, Partnership firms, LLPs (Limited Liability Partnership) and Cooperatives of farmers directly engaged in agricultural and allied activities

Type of Facilities
  1. Term Loan
  2. LC & BG
  3. Pre-shipment credit & Post-shipment Credit

Construction of Cold Storage or Purchase of Refrigerated Vehicles , etc.

  • For Construction/Renovation of ponds/tanks
  • For purchase of fingerlings, manuring of ponds etc.
  • Financing for fishing Boats.
  • Financing for fishing vessels/trawlers, etc
  • Construction of Fish Seed Producing Units & Fish Feed Producing Units

A. In inland fisheries – Financial assistance is extended for Construction/Renovation of ponds/tanks, establishment of Fish Seed producing units & Fish Feed producing units, Construction of sluices, Construction of Cold Storage or purchase of refrigerated vehicles, purchase of prawn, fry and fingerlings/fish seed/prawn seed, purchase of inputs like oil cake, fertilizers, organic fertilizers and other feed material up to the first harvest, small boats, purchase of nets, boxes, crates, baskets, ropes, shovels, hooks and other accessories etc.

B. In Marine fisheries Financial assistance is extended for purchase of mechanized/non-mechanized boats/deep sea fishing vessels/trawlers, purchase of fishing nets, purchase of other deck equipments like winch, wire rope, gallows, net-handler, navigational lights, life jackets, life boats, anchors, direction finders, fish finders, etc. purchase of marine engine, solar powered micro cold rooms etc.

All Rural and Semi-Urban Branches and in some selected Urban Branches where villages are allocated under Annual Credit Plan(ACP)

  • To meet the short term credit requirements for cultivation of crops
  • Post Harvest Expenses
  • Produce Marketing loan
  • Consumption requirement of farmer household
  • Working capital for maintenance of farm assets and activities allied to agriculture, like dairy animals, inland fishery etc.
  • Investment credit requirement for agriculture and allied activities like pump sets, sprayers, dairy animals etc.
  • All Farmers- Individuals/Joint borrowers who are owner cultivators
  • Tenant Farmers, Oral lessees & Share Croppers
  • SHGs or Joint Liability Groups of Farmers including tenant farmers, share croppers etc.
Salient Features of the Revised KCC Scheme
  • Assessment of crop loan component based on the scale of finance for the crop(as decided by DLTC) plus insurance premium X Extent of area cultivated + 10% of the limit towards post-harvest / household / consumption requirements + 20% of limit towards maintenance expenses of farm assets.
  •  Assessment of limit for second & subsequent year :- first year limit for crop cultivation purpose arrived at as above plus 10% of the limit towards cost escalation/increase in scale of finance for every successive year (2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th year ) and estimated Term loan component for the tenure of Kisan Credit Card, i.e., five years.
  • Flexi KCC with simple assessment prescribed for marginal farmers.
  • Validity of KCC for 5 years.
  • For crop loans, no separate margin need to be insisted as the margin is in-built in scale of finance.
  • No withdrawal in the account to remain outstanding for more than 12 months; no need to bring the debit balance in the account to zero at any point of time.
  • Interest subvention / incentive for prompt repayment to be available as per the Government of India and / or State Government norms.
  • No processing fee upto a limit of Rs. 3.00lakh.
  • One time documentation at the time of first availment and thereafter simple declaration (about crops raised/proposed) by farmer.
  • Disbursement through various channels, including ICT driven channels like ATM/PoS/Mobile handsets.

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